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Why we decided to distribute straight to the people and not through Hollywood first...

Ring of Silence hits all the right buttons. In today's America, women are more engaged and energized than ever. We've seen a revolution of women coming together and taking their power! It's been with #METOO, a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, and with various Feminist groups all over the country rising up and standing together. After years of sweeping these horrors into the dark, the issues are finally coming to light. Now, we must fight an enemy that is endangering our youth everywhere in America: Human Sex Trafficking.


That's why we created an important film: to spread awareness, educate the community, and prevent those from turning their heads away from the issues. That being said, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Hollywood wants to buy this film but first, we will market directly to the public allowing us more control of the funds.  When you PRE-ORDER this film, we will allocate a large portion of net profits back into Human Trafficking awareness programs nationwide.  We have made a point to spread the word ourselves, and rely on the compassionate nature of people who want to help put an end to this issue plaguing our communities. Share it with your family, your children, your churches and social groups, and so on! It is our GOAL to raise $1,000,000 by the end of the year, and stand up for the countless victims that never had a voice.

Pre-order the Film

This is the most essential way you can be involved in making a difference. By pre-ordering this amazing film, a chunk of your donation will be sent directly to various anti-human trafficking organizations. It is our hope to raise $1,000,000 by the fall of 2018. Every dollar counts, and we need your help.

Spread the Word

It doesn't just stop at pre-ordering. Its up to YOU to take this film and convince others to do the same. Watch it with your children, your friends, your church, social groups, etc and get others passionate about fighting human trafficking. Be proud in your position, become an ambassador, and lets stand together!

In Person

Speak with your friends and family, ask them if they'd like to help the cause.


At Events

Enter your email below and find out when/where our events are happening and attend.

Over the Phone

Speak with your network, get companies/brands to be involved and have them speak to the director directly.

By Email

Email us with any ideas on what you'd like to see us do in regard to future events, publicity stunts, partnerships, etc.

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